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3-pc Sports Mask Set


The DittoMask 3-pc Sports Mask Set consists of three (3) pieces of hypoallergenic sports mask. Each mask is made from 92% polyester and spandex fabric materials designed for flexible and comfortable long term wear. Its two-layer high-filtration system protects the users from most airborne particles and viruses.


The DittoMask 3-pc Sports Mask Set comprises three (3) pieces of sports masks in one pack. It has adjustable straps suitable for all face types and can effectively protect the wearer from smoke, pollution, allergies, dust, haze, germs, ash, and other airborne particles.

  • Made from a unique micro-filtration spandex material that promotes airflow and flexibility
  • Made from fast-drying technology, comfort, and ultimate breathability
  • Washable, reusable, practical, and environment friendly
  • Includes advanced UV protection and adjustable latex-free straps
  • Broad coverage of the nose, mouth, and chin
  • Secure fit even during working out, running, walking, and outdoor sports
  • N95 certification in process
  • Introductory price at $ 29.99



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