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About Us


DittoMask Inc. is a result of the world’s dire need for an increase in PPE production. As a solution, DittoMask and its partners joined forces in creating effective and high-quality air filtration face covers designed to protect individuals from the health risks caused by inhalation of airborne bacteria and viruses.

What We Do

DittoMask creates protective facial coverings made of hypoallergenic polyester spandex fiber materials that are flexible and comfortable best-fitted for an extended period of wearing and during sports and exercise activities. Our premium sports masks’ advanced filtration system consists of two-layers tailored to eliminate unwanted micro-organisms from entering your body to ensure the highest form of protection for your immune system.

DittoMask’s multi-layer filters protect your mouth and face from dust particles, germs, smoke, pollutants, and other allergens that may cause you to get sick. Our mask filters the air you breathe in, making sure it is clean and free from whatever may cause you to acquire potential diseases.

Our Mission

The mission of DittoMask Sportsmask is to fill in the shortage of personal protective equipment for people with an active lifestyle, sports enthusiasts, and athletes. Our goal is to help the world fight against Covid 19 and continue to protect people from airborne microbes without hindering them from working out and traveling outdoors. We aim to provide relief to individuals, business sectors, and communities, anytime and anywhere, with our products to keep them safe and secured, even after the pandemic.