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SportsMask (500 Pack)


DittoMask Sportsmask consists of hypoallergenic, breathable polyester fabric designed for comfort and particle protection. We use a two-layer filtration system to protect the user from airborne viruses.

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Ditto Mask is fashioned from moisture-wicking fabric to keep you as dry as possible even when working up a sweat. Multi-layered polyester microfiber provides extra protection while remaining extra breathable and ready to handle your huffing and puffing.


Flexible, Stretchable, and Moves With You

Lightweight polyester/spandex material promotes air flow while keeping you and those around you protected. It is made from fast-drying technology with ultimate breathability, comfort, and adjustability of latex-free straps. It has a UV protection feature and a 4-way soft stretch for a secure fit even during working out, running, walking, and outdoor sports.