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Sports Mask


DittoMask Sports Mask is a multi-layer adjustable mask that best fits personal care, outdoor engagement, and travel. The DittoMask team engineered the Sports Mask using hypoallergenic, breathable polyester spandex fabric tailored to provide utmost user comfortability and protection from unwanted particles entering your body. It uses a two-layer filtration system to protect the user from airborne viruses and particles. Its application for N95 certification is in process.


The DittoMask sports mask is an inexpensive product designed for sports enthusiasts and individuals with an active lifestyle that are always on-the-go. The mask ensures reusability, wearability, and durability.

  • Made from moisture-wicking fabric designed to take moisture away from your skin to keep you dry even while doing vigorous physical activity
  • The mask is reusable, recyclable, cost-efficient, and washable
  • Provides extra protection while retaining its breathable feature
  • Offers users utmost comfortability even while thoroughly covering the nose, mouth, and chin
  • Best for athletes, sports enthusiasts, runners, and people with an active lifestyle
  • Introductory price at $19.99



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Dimensions : 119 × 132 mm

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