Sports Mask (Custom)

Code: CW-01224-1-1-1-2

Face mask filter refills are ideal to protect your mouth and face from dust, haze, germs, allergies, smoke, pollution, ash, and other allergens. Using a special filter designed to keep out particulates in the air, the mask is able to pull clean air through. The masks are also easy to disinfect and reuse. The refill filter is not washable.

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Available on backorder

Available on backorder


The Sports Mask can be designed to suit your face. You can scan your face measurements using our DittoMask mobile app and then send measurements and color suggestions along with your order number. These masks include face mask filter refills, which are ideal for protecting your mouth and face from dust particles. The masks are also easy to disinfect and reuse.

The three layers of protective material filters can effectively clean the air:

1. 100 percent cotton
2. Polypropylene nonwoven 60 GSM
3. 100 percent cotton


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Dimensions 119 × 132 mm