DittoMask Face Mask Washable

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Halfway through 2020, people are getting accustomed to following health experts’ protocols and government mandates. People are now following the compulsory wearing of face masks, keeping a distance of two meters from each other, and frequent sanitation. People adapted to the ‘new normal.’ With the high demand for masks, people made different designs and used different materials to make them. 

Medical Face Mask

A medical mask is the most common type of Mask. You can see healthcare workers using this type of Mask even before the pandemic. The medical face mask has high filtration cloth that filters out 90% of air particles. It is usually disposable and for single use only. You need to wear a new medical mask after 8 hours. 

N95 Face Mask

The N95 has high protection and filtration of 95% of air particles. The N95 face mask can keep the smallest viral particle out of your airway. It is recommended for people in the healthcare industry since they are exposed directly to different patients who may be harboring the Coronavirus disease or some other form of infection. 

Cute Medical Masks

Though mandatory, wearing masks is not only limited to the designs of the bland and boring face covers. People are starting to patronize cute medical masks to stay fashionable while following health protocols. Health experts recommend cloth coverings to limit the exposure to the viral particles, but cute medical masks have high protection grade and aesthetics. 

Cloth Medical Mask 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommended using cloth medical mask when out of your homes or when in public. Cloth masks do not give as much protection as the medical mask and N95 masks, but cloth medical masks can filter out common particles present in the air. Wearing a cloth mask is generally okay, but you also need to practice social distancing at all times or wear a face shield together with it to increase your protection. 

Face Mask Washable

Face mask washable is probably the most common type of face-covering used recently. Since the CDC recommended any form of covering is okay, mask washable filled up the stores and markets. The ordinary cloth cannot protect you from any viral or bacterial particles present in the air. Face mask washable can protect you from dust particles, but it cannot protect you from disease-carrying organisms.

DittoMask High Filtration Face Mask

Choosing the right Mask for you and your loved ones is crucial at this time of the pandemic. The Coronavirus disease is highly contagious and will enter the body through the nose, mouth, and eyes. You must be well-protected and practice health protocols at all times. 

Using DittoMask high filtration mask gives you 90% protection from the smallest viral and bacterial particles. It is a washable face mask that uses ordinary laundry process or through UV light disinfection. Choose DittoMask washable products.